The story of the COZEE has a great beginning!  It all started with our daughter, Brianna. She is one of our four amazing children, and is a twin to her sister Rachelle. She goes by either Boo or BooBoo, a nickname she gave herself many years ago. 

Boo is now 32 years old and has had Cerebral Palsy (CP) since birth.  She has been a fighter, an adventurer and a lover of life from the time she took her first breath. One of Boo’s favorite things is outings and being on the go.  As most people who are wheelchair bound, Booboo has poor circulation, leading to her getting chilly very easily.  This has created limitations to the many adventures she’d like to have with her family and friends. In addition to this, just in everyday life, my wife Carolynne and I are always trying to keep Boo warm, whether it’s to run a few errands or just taking a walk.  

One day it hit me, “what about a blanket that is powered by a battery?". I then did several online searches and was completely surprised to find NOTHING like it available.  That's when Carolynne and I started on our journey to create the world's first portable rechargeable battery operated heating blanket. We knew from the start that we wanted to make this blanket out of the finest materials available. 

The result is a blanket that can be used indoors and out, that feels luxurious and comfortable, and keeps the warmth evenly around your whole body and has a water resistant outer side to keep wind, rain and snow out…we hope you love Your COZEE!