The First Patented Battery Operated Heating Blanket



The KODIAK Blanket

    • Ideal for Military, Search & Rescue, EMS, & Hunting
    • Non-permeable interior & exterior to protect against natural elements & ease of disinfection
    • 100% waterproof blanket
    • Integrated, durable, flexible wiring system for full-body coverage and maximum life giving warmth
    • Full sized blanket – 72 inches wide by 60 inches long
    • Specialized pocket for battery pack housing

      The KODIAK Battery Pack 

        • Low, Medium and High Settings
        • Waterproof battery pack
        • Battery provides up to 5+ hours of continuous heat
        • 1 USB Port for convenience – use the battery to charge emergency devices while providing treatment
        • Charge the battery with a standard wall plug OR charge in your car's 12 volt input
        • Equipped with safety shutoff mechanisms
        • Delivers life giving warmth with only 12 Volts of electricity

      US PATENT #10,104,720