The First Patented Battery Operated Heating Blanket



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"This product is AMAZING!!!! It not only keeps you warm, it is water resistant so when you are sitting at your kids soccer game in the freezing rain you are warm AND dry! It stays charged for A LONG time and I love that I can charge my phone using the battery pack! I work from home and my office is in the basement so I am cold year round. This is perfect to wrap up in on super cold days or just drape over my legs if I’m just a little chilly. If I get up, my dog immediately steals it LOL! Where have you been all my life Cozee?!?! I could say a million great things about it! Just buy one and find out for yourself." - R. Key

"I love the Cozee! It is super convenient and awesome to have when you need a little extra heat! I’ve been using it the past few days and it’s been keeping me nice and warm during our South Dakota winters. I can see this blanket being super useful for those with poor blood circulation that want to enjoy being outdoors, but are restricted to doing so because of how cold they get. For getting the most out of your Cozee, check out the video! I highly recommend the Cozee!" - Bryan L.

"We are thrilled to have finally have a heated blanket that we can take with us on our adventures. We recently brought it with us to our nephew's soccer game too. The battery pack has a nice long charge, and the blanket itself is excellent quality and made of plushy soft materials. The hubs is also happy that I can charge my cell phone with it because I never have my phone charged. Cozee, where have you been all my life?!" - MaryBeth

"Hello Paul, I find the blanket very nice as it keeps my knees & shoulder warm. As I have had both my knees replaced and my left shoulder. I could not keep them warm in the -34 degree Celsius weather in Canada, now I can turn on the blanket and wrap it around me and a few minutes later I feel warm all over. Thank You very much!" - Judy

"Wow, what more can I say! In today’s world, almost impossible to get a live person to answer questions let alone the President and CEO! Paul immediately and personally called me back and was beyond helpful making sure that I was completely 110% satisfied. Wish all companies were as customer focused as Cozee. Thank you Paul!!" - Andrea M.

"Absolutely amazing! Love, love, love!!! Think I sold a few to the baseball moms. Sending out your link! Thanks again!!" - An awesome baseball mom

"Finally someone has created a heated blanket that operates by battery power. Long lasting heat. Portable, take it anywhere. Football games, Hockey, Camping and many more. The uses are endless. COZEE is the perfect gift. Can be used in medical circumstances. Such as patients having Chemotherapy, Dialysis patients are always cold and those steam heated blankets last about 5 minutes. I could go on, but I believe you get the point." - David R.

"One gift was for a cancer survivor who had a hard time staying warm. One gift was for a family member who goes hunting throughout the fall and winter. The blanket can either be placed around the person, and then heated -or- it can be folded in thirds (there's a video on Cozee's site) with the heating setting on high, and it is toasty warm within 30 minutes -- and stays warm for hours. The cancer survivor said it kept him warm for over 7 hours (it could have been even longer, but he then had to leave the house for awhile). The family member who hunts can also charge, and keep charged, his mobile phone while wearing it. With soccer season coming soon, I'm thinking of spoiling myself with one." - Diane B.

"We love this product and we wish we would have had it for all our outdoor sporting events over the years with our kids, it is game changing just for that aspect. The key to getting it really warm is to “pre-heat” it...and then sit “in” the blanket as opposed to having the blanket laid over you...once you sit in it have the blanket wrapped around you and trap the heat that you’ll have to turn it down." - Jeff

"Will use for many different purposes! Would be great to keep in the car in case of an emergency." - Sue

"This blanket is worth every Penney and more. Portable warmth and comfort all around.. Easily carried.. Exceptional well made.. PLUS has ports to plug in your phone using battery pack. This is the one I have been looking for." - Juan F.

“My wife just used the Cozee during a 4-hour women’s group time & LOVED it…. About 35˚ here & she stayed nice & toasty…That blanket rocks!” - Jimmy W.