the new way to stay warm

It’s time to say goodbye to old fashioned heating blankets - they’re clunky, inconvenient, and keep you on a 6 foot leash. Say hello to The Cozee - The New Way to Stay Warm! This patented battery powered heating blanket is the ultimate solution for portable warmth and comfort. The cordless design practically begs you to go on all sorts of untethered adventures!

Shipping 2nd quarter of 2019!

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Battery Powered


Micro-Plush Inside


Weather Resistant Outside


The Cozee wraps around your lifestyle.

We understand the importance of being present. Life is full of beautiful moments, but can easily be missed when we get distracted. Don’t let getting cold pull you out of the moments that matter most. Here at The Cozee, we are enhancing lives by creating innovative solutions for staying warm. If you'd like to join us on this journey, please get in touch with us today.