the Blanket

  • MicroPlush luxury to hold in heat and comfort
  • Durable, water resistant outer-side to shield against wind, rain and snow
  • Integrated, durable, flexible wiring system for full coverage and maximum comfort
  • Full sized blanket – 60 Inches by 60 inches
  • Convenient heated hand pockets for comfort and ease of use
  • Additional pocket for storage of battery
  • 5 year warranty*



Cozee Rechargeable Battery

  • Low, Medium and High Settings
  • Battery provides up to 5+ hours of continuous heat
  • 2 USB Ports for convenience – use the battery to charge your cell phones while staying warm
  • Re-Charge the battery with a standard wall plug OR charge it in your car with a cigarette lighter adaptor

Multiple Uses:

  • Sporting Events
  • Air and motor travel
  • Brisk weather conditions that the elderly can enjoy without concern for their health
  • Mothers who want to keep their babies warm when shopping or running errands
  • Emergencies where first-responders can use The Cozee to keep accident victims from going into hypothermia* (Hypothermia is a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature, usually as a result of prolonged exposure to cold.)